Monday, August 11, 2008

One Year Blogging Anniversary

It was last august that I started writing within this blog. I started blogging just for making notes on all thinks that I learn about Business Intelligence. I think it is a good idea to write about what we are learning and doing because it makes it possible for us to judge about ourselves and compare each year efforts with other years.
Although it played the role of technical diary for me, it led me to get familiar with a lot of friends such as Pedro, Ella, and others. It was definitely the best experience that I had because I could find friends, and expand my knowledge and consider others’ opinions and roadmap.
I want to apply for a master degree this year, and I hope that I can find a proper master degree. I get the IELTS, and I am currently search for universities while I am contacting with their teachers for perceiving more about their courses. Hard Working and all these activities make writing a bit difficult for me, but I will try to continue blogging, especially now that SQL Server 2008 has released ;)
I am very eager to study about accounting, cash-flow, budgeting, ERP, supply chain management, and etc because I think an in-depth knowledge of these topics could help me to analyze KPIs better.

Thanks you

Best wishes,
Amin Jalali