Thursday, November 20, 2008

Business Intelligence 2.0

Business Intelligence which consists of Dashboard Systems and Decision Support Systems has grown up during long time. Most systems that BI developers have been developed are belonging to Dashboard Systems which are used for demonstrating KPIs and revealing what has happened before. Decision Support Systems which are very depends on using Data Mining advantages for being implemented, have developed much fewer than Dashboard Systems.

BI 2.0 not only focuses on these systems, but it also changes the ETL way that we used to. Developing more Service oriented Applications, and the fact of having service-oriented data sources will change the way that we are using for gathering and cleaning data. Moreover, the needs of considering Business Processes and Business Rules, which exist in BPEL and BRMS, for performing ETL process would change this industry a lot.

I think the next generation of BI has a lot of challenges which are very interesting to study.