Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stanford Machine Learning course

It has been always a true challenge for me to understand Data Mining in depth.

I have always problem to have a deep understanding of data mining algorithm, since all of them were ended to the mathematical formula that I have no idea about them.

Some times ago, I found the Machine Learning course at Stanford University. This is a free course, and I strongly recommend this course to ones who like to have a deep understanding of these algorithms.

This course will give you deep knowledge and understanding about different algorithm. it also gives you clue to distinguish which approach suits you the most in applying Data mining.

Finally, it is really awesome, since you should write some linear algebra programs that implement these algorithms. Therefore, it is not just theoretical, but also it is really practical.

I finish the course successfully, and the course will be repeated in January.

Other courses which are offered free are:

These courses are offered by Stanford University and Berkley University.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MDX and DAX Formatter

Today, I watched a video about "Format MDX&DAX" online application. This application enables you to convert the MDX or DAX expressions into a readable expression. it would be usefull specially when you are tracing your application and using "Microsoft SQL Server Profiler".
You can see the video here.

link of application