Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Second Year Blogging Anniversary

It has been always one of my concerns that I haven’t written any post here since May 14, 2009. The second year of my blog’s lifetime has only four posts that I am very sorry for that. It was occurred because I was too busy with my job and with handling application process of some universities simultaneously.
I want to start my master degree in this year to expand my knowledge about Business Intelligence. Therefore, I resigned from my job to go to Sweden. I think I will write more posts in the following year, and I hope to have wonderful experience about living in another country. I will write about the program soon ;)


Pedro said...

I hope to see you writing more... Sweden? very good choose!! I also hope to hear from you about Sweden!
Cheers my frind!

Amin said...

thank you pedro,
Now that i am writing this comment, i am in my room in sweden ;)
Unfortunately, the internet connection is not correct and i must make it establish some days later.
Now, i am connecting via my cellphone.
thank you,
Cheers my friend,

Ella Maaschiach said...

Hi Amin,

Congratulations on 2 years of blogging!
How are your studies going on? I admit it all sounded good till I read your last post describing the possibility of them canceling a track… do you know already for certain if it will happen or not? Do you have a plan B?...

All the best,

Amin said...

Dear Ella,

Indeed nobody knows if this track will be cancelled or not, and it is absolutely depends on how many students like to study it.
If it get cancelled, I will apply for EMIS program which is conducted by KTH university, because I could transfer the courses that I have passed to it, and it is possible to get some BI courses within that program.


Reza said...

Hi Amin,
I recently find your Blog,
your posts on BI sounds interesting, like to share links,

Amin said...

Hi Reza,

I am pleased to meet you.
I linked your blog, I like to see BI related blogs ;)