Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The SSAS Tutorial for beginners

It was last summer that I developed a new tutorial for SSAS. The aim of this tutorial is to make students familiar with SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services. It might be helpful for you if you are an absolute beginner; otherwise, there is nothing new that you can learn from. The tutorial is based on a fictitious scenario which is grounded on simplified version of AdventureWorks Database.
Unfortunately, I cannot share the data source of this tutorial.


Anonymous said...

How can we download the doc?


Amin said...

Dear AH,

I added the link to the post.
Thanks for your comment.

Best regards,

Chara said...

This is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

New fine

Anonymous said...

you can learn more from


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Marielle Smith said...
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Marielle Smith said...

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I am just a beginner and I really need this kind of stuff. Will bookmark your blog. Marielle, sixtyfortyone