Saturday, November 17, 2007

Analysis Services Processing Task

This task force the SSAS to process Database, Cube, Partition, Measure Group, Dimension, Mining Structure, and Mining Model through SSIS.
At first you must specify the connection which specifies the objects that must be processed in connection manager combo box.

Then you must add the objects that you want to get processed.

Next you must set their process options based on the action that you want to happen. There are some actions that are available for some objects that I listed them as follow:

When you set the process option to Process Incremental you will have to configure its settings, The settings are included of Measure Group, Partition, and Source Data that can be table or query.

You can change the processing order of this batch via Change Settings button. The Change Settings form has two tabs that are called Processing options tab and Dimension key errors tab.
You can set some general settings such as transaction type (Sequentional, or Parallel), write back table, and process related objects in the first tab.

Finally you can set the action that you want to occure when an error raised in the second tab.


Pedro said...

Dear Friend,
Thanks for your email! I hope to see you again in my blog!! I will add you as a BI link if you dont mind!
Kind regards and thanks!!

Pedro said...

Thanks Amin! :-)

Pedro said...

Dear Amin,
I'm having some doubts about processing my cube...
Following a business requirement that I described in my last post, I will store the data inside my ODS (Staging area) for the last 367 days...

I need to enable users to change data directly to ODS from last 367 days... I run the SSIS package each day...

What I'm thinking to do is to create partion for each year, and make a full process for current partition(2008) and previous partition (2007)... and do not touch in previous years like 2004 and 2005...

If you have suggestions, tell me! :-)

Pedro said...

Yes! You are right! I will use the Process Data not Process Full!!

Amin said...

Dear pedro,
thank you for the visit.
I added your weblog in the link section, and I added it in my google reader in order to read your new posts.

your sincerely,
Dear Pedro,
I think the partition technique that you used is good, yet if the amount of the last two years data is not huge, it is good to put these two years data in a one partition. Moreover, if your Analysis Services scheme is not changed over time, I recommend "Process Data" against “Full Process”.


Carlos said...

Hi Amin,
If I want to process the entire database I select "Process Full".

Do I need to check all below objects or I can let them blank?
Thank you

Amin said...

Hi Carlos,

I think it is enough, and there is no need to select the child nodes.
Please, confirm it when you test this issue.

Best regadrs,

anandhi said...

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you.

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