Monday, November 12, 2007

Processing Analysis Services Objects through SSIS

There are two ways to process analysis services objects:
  1. Force SSAS to handle the process via SSIS
    you must use the Control Flow Tasks for this kind of operations:
    • Analysis Services Processing Task
      This task provides you the SSAS objects' options visually.
    • Analysis Services Execute DDL Task
      you can specify a DDL script to this task to perform your Process via XML/A.

  2. Process those objects through SSIS
    the best situation in which you can use these destinations is where you have non-standard sources and you need near real-time processing.
    you must use the Data Flow Destinations for this kind of operations:
    • Dimension Processing Data Flow Destination
    • Partition Processing Data Flow Destination

There are two other ways for handling these processes:

  1. You can run your XML/A script via ASCMD.exe
    you can do this by using the Execute Process Task.
  2. Handling the process with AMO.
    You must write program in .net language through Script Task.

I will describe each of these tasks separately, later.

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